A one-word New Year’s resolution

By David Sauro

A New Year is here, 2022. It is the time that many of us will make a New Year’s Resolution. Although, the fact is, for nine out of 10 people, their effort will fail for their resolution by the end of January.

One option for a New Year’s Resolution is to pick One Word. A word that gives your life meaning and will help you to be your best.

Once you select your One Word, write it on a sticky note or make a poster or a painting, be creative. Put it in a place where you will see your word every day. The challenge is to embody that word, to remind yourself what you are challenging yourself to do to make yourself a better person.

My One Word for 2021 was PURPOSE. Often, during the year, I reflected on that word and how it was playing an important role in my life.

My One Word for 2022 is PASSION. I look to focus my time and energy on the aspects of my life that I am passionate about.

Author Jon Gordon, who has published a book titled ‘One Word,’ has used the following words over the years: SURRENDER, SERVE, HEART, and CONSISTENCY.

Whatever you decide to do for your New Year’s Resolution or maybe your One Word, we hope that it will help you to live HEALTHIER and HAPPIER in 2022!

Originally published in The Barnstable Patriot 1/7/22