Our Founder & Editor

David Sauro

David is the founding President of HOW. After attending various programs on wellness, David decided in 2013 to offer his community an integrative wellness program. As he dove into this passion project, he developed the “HOW Tripod” for a healthy heart which incorporates nutrition, movement, and “ARE” -attitude, relationships, and emotions- to promote a holistic approach to heart wellness. David continues to enlist local wellness experts to speak at HOW programs. HOW events are created to leave participants feeling informed and inspired to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

David has been an athlete most his life, from playing division three football in college, to running the Boston Marathon multiple times, to officiating collage and high school football for almost 20 years, to most recently enjoying the many benefits of yoga. Professionally, David has a vast and impressive career in construction management. He has a degree in Business Management from Suffolk University, is a Certified Mindfulness and Wellness Life Coach, and has a certificate in QiGong for Health and Healing. David is supported in his mission to create healthier communities by his wife Janice, his three grown daughters and five grandchildren.

David can be reached at [email protected]