Our Story

Your heart and your body have something important to tell you.

It sends you signals thousands of times a day- as you breathe, as you walk, as you work, even as you sleep.

Yet, most of us never really stop and try to understand our bodies.

We depend on them and yet we take it for granted.

HOW is an opportunity to stop and reflect on the importance of a healthy heart and body.

What is HOW all about?

HOW is a series of talks and videos which we hope will teach you Lessons for The Heart. Our HOW team is a community that are passionate about heart wellness. What binds us together is a passion for healthy heart and healthy living with a mission to improve the health and happiness in our community. We give information, thoughts, and suggestions that we hope will help you with your life-style decisions to make you healthier and happier. We feel strongly that “good health starts at your heart.”

The goal of HOW is to offer the most simple, basic steps to improving one’s health and preventing disease. There is no magic bullet, no miracle cure, and no systematic approach hidden in our message. We feel the information that we provide, if acted upon, can improve the quality of your life. At a HOW program we laugh, have some fun, reflect and learn about the most important part of your body; your heart. There will be several lessons and each one will focus on what we call the tripod of a healthy heart; nutrition, exercise, and ARE (another acronym for Attitude, Relationships and Emotion).

Each one of us has been given a special gift; that gift is life.  The center of our life is our heart.

We hope that what we talk about and reflect on will make each one of us think a little more about how we treat our heart and one another. We have a habit of making life complicated; don’t we? It doesn’t have to be, and your health program doesn’t have to be complicated. Every day you make decisions that determine how happy and healthy you will be and how good you feel, often for years to come. Every single one of those daily decisions profoundly impacts your health and happiness. Ironically, the choices that affect your health most are the ones you hardly think about. Each of these choices have the potential to produce lasting improvements in how you look and how you live every day.

Keep it simple; but choose healthy habits. We use the expression; Habits are Huge; you create either bad or good habits.

We like to feel that HOW has a slogan of helping you reach your wellness goal one heart beat at a time. HOW provides information that we hope becomes your inspiration to live a life with heart wellness awareness. Your health is your wealth for enjoying life and have a passion for it!