HOW Self Care Challenge 2020


Monthly Free Community Mindful Wellness Programs

Beginning March 1st, and running for three months, HOW is pleased to organize the Self Care Challenge 2020. 

The challenge is free, and open to all those interested in improving self care this year.  The challenges will run for two-week periods from March through June, each focusing on a different area of self-care.  All challenges will be appropriate for any age or physical ability, and will only require some time each day to focus on the activity or challenge. 


At HOW, we believe one component to a healthy heart is self-care – and is critical to maintain balance in our lives, and taking action to preserve and improve our own mental, emotional, and physical health.  


To participate in the challenge, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Like the HOW Facebook page:  If you do you use facebook, you can email us at: to receive updates via email.   

  2. Once you like the page, you will see the Group page “HOW Self Care Challenge 2020” – simply join this group.


We encourage you to invite family and friends to join the challenge – a fun, informative, and hopefully transformative experience that is open to all.  As we say at HOW, Be Well!

Programming will resume in the Spring of 2020. Thank you for a wonderful season of Mindful Wellness for the community!
All programs are free for everyone - and at the Y both members and non-members are invited.


Previous Events

2019 HOW to Just Be Retreat
November 10th - Theme:  How to Just Be
2019 Cape Cod YMCA Programs
October 15th - Theme:  Mindful Wellness for You
September 18th - Theme:  Mindful Wellness for You
August 21st - Theme: Just Be
July 18th - Theme:  Change your attitude with food and create healthier habits
June 18th - Theme: "Sugar Challenge" and Qi Gong

April 27th  - Theme: A Healthier Me, a Healthier Community

2019 Centerville Library Programs - "Wellness Wednesdays"
October 16th - Theme:  Mindful Wellness for You
September 19th - Theme:  Mindful Wellness for You
August 20th - Theme: Just Be
July 19th - Theme:  Change your attitude with food and create healthier habits
June 19th - Theme: The Gut / Brain Connection, "Sugar Challenge", and Qi Gong

May 15th  - Theme: Mindful Eating and Movement

2019 W. Barnstable Library Programs
June 3rd  - Theme: Kind Yoga and Mindful Wellness Outdoor Event
2018 Centerville Library Programs - "Wellness Wednesdays"

November 7th - Theme: Mindful Wellness with Tai Chi

October 17th - Theme: Mindful Wellness

September 19th - Theme: Kindness & Compassion

August 22nd - Theme: Mindful Wellness

July 11th - Documentary Film: “Mindfulness Goes Mainstream”

June 2nd - Documentary Film: “The Connection Between the Mindand the Body”

May 2nd - Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Health

2018 W. Barnstable Library Programs

July 16th - Theme: Mindfulness & Yoga

May 16th -  Theme: Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Health

2018 Retreats

May 19th:   A one day retreat at Craigville Retreat CenterTheme: “HOW to Just Be”

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