Living a Life In Balance:

A Guide to Health and Happiness

HOW now offers an online course for Educators, and Professionals  who are looking to build their knowledge and practice of self-care. 

Massachusetts teachers earn 15 PDPs (Professional Development Points) thru MDESE upon completion of the course!


This self-paced course answers questions such as:

          - What is self-care and why do I need it?

          - Can I take better care of myself even when I am so busy?

          - How can I cope with stress and uncertainty? 

Nurture yourself to better nurture others.

The HOW Self-Care Online Program provides information, education, inspiration and collaboration to build a sustainable self-care plan for everyone. These lessons will have a powerful impact on your holistic health and happiness, reducing stress and providing tools to find more balance in everyday life.

To learn more and register, click here.

"The HOW Program has totally changed my life (and my students). The simple format isn't overloading.  I felt happy and reenergized after the program and was able to bring much of what I learn into the classroom."

                                    - Nancy B., current Elementary Teacher

The next step in your self-care journey can begin today! 

Limited Time Discounted Pricing Now Available



$99 - HOW Self-Care Course WITH                                      Massachusetts PDP's Awarded

          Upon Completion. 

          Click to Learn More and to Register.      

$79 - HOW Self-Care Course WITHOUT                              Massachusetts PDP's Awarded

          Upon Completion. 

          Click to Learn More and to Register.

The time is NOW
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