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Your Health is Your Wealth

Inspirational education on heart wellness


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Keep Your Heart Fit

Classes, lessons, and events dedicated to your heart

Attributes of Good Health

HOW Heart of Wellness in Centerville, MA, is a MA non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the importance of education in heart wellness. We offer seasonal classes, events, and retreats all focused on teaching proper cardio health.

HOW is a unique combination of talks, videos, and music teaching lessons for the heart. Our team provides wellness information and programs that are informational and inspirational. We focus on the tripod of a healthy heart – movement, nutrition, and the foundation of the tripod “ARE,” attitude, relationships, and emotions. We offer a comprehensive Company Wellness Program for your business. Call us today about this program and the tax benefits behind ensuring the health of your employees.

The information you will receive, we hope, becomes an inspiration to live a life with heart wellness awareness. Your health is your wealth for enjoying life and having a passion for it. We are always looking for volunteers to improve and enhance our events and programs. If you have the time to join us on our journey to educate Cape Cod and surrounding areas with our healthy heart movement please contact us.

Join our passionate and influential team to learn about simple health values that can improve the quality of your heart wellness.